Registration Policies

  1. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference for the paper to be included in the program.
  2. Unpaid registration fees on registration deadline will cause CANCELLATION on your presentation. (No on-site registration. On-site registration is just for non-speakers).
  3. Canceled oral presentation on site will cause cancellation of paper submission to Advanced Science Letters.
  4. Additional paper will be charge USD 100 (international participant)/IDR 1.000.000 (local participant); for each paper (Same presenter. If the additional paper is presented by other person, it’s not counted as additional paper)

Registration Fees

Categories Early Registration (on and before October 9th, 2017) Regular Registration (after October 9th, 2017)
Local Participants International Participants Local Participants International Participants
Presenter Non-presenter Presenter Non-Presenter Presenter Non-presenter Presenter Non-Presenter
Profesional IDR 5.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 450 USD 100 IDR 6.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 525 USD 100
Student IDR 4.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 400 USD 100 IDR 4.500.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 475 USD 100
Extra Page IDR 1.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 100 USD 100 IDR 1.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 USD 100 USD 100

Additional paper(s): International: USD 375; Local: IDR 3.500.000,- per paper.

Registration Form
Send your completed registration form along with the scanned copy of the proof of payment to

Payment Method
Payment information will be announced after the paper status is accepted

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